“Racing is not more a hobby.
Racing means business.
For each segment of racing
you need  a project and a
professional to guide
you through.”

Renato Gameiro

While this is a given, the horse itself is where it all must start. With the right
horse and the right professionals your success will be imminent. The answer
to “how to”, is to start with an architect. Much like building a house you
need someone to plan the project and then select the right materials
(horses) to go with the right contractors (professionals). This architect
must oversee the plan and consult with you so that the project runs
smoothly. Now that the plan has been set you can sit back and

Lexington, Kentucky is the center
of the Bluegrass region on the state.
This is the Thoroughbred market in
headquartered. Here you can find
good horses to buy, the best market
to sell, a great place to bred and
the best team to assemble. The
right combination for the team who
will build the project should consist of  Agents, a Veterinarian, and
a Farm. The role of the agents would be the selection of the horses
and the knowledge of the market. The veterinarian will advise on
medical decisions  with regard to buying, racing and breeding.
The Farm will be the base for the horse."
Renato Gameiro

Please take a few minutes to check what people who has success in this business think about us!

Renato Gameiro did a hell of a job selecting Cara Rafaela.
D. Wayne Lukas - Hall of Fame trainer

Renato Gameiro  really understands the game and where to find a good horse.
Patrick Byrne - Trainer of Breeders' Cup winners FAVORITE TRICK, AWESOME AGAIN and COUNTESS DIANA.

Renato Gameiro is equally knowledgeable about North American pedigrees and South American racing pedigrees.
He is a world class professional. A  complete horseman for pedigrees and conformation.

Michael W. Dickenson Trainer of dual Breeders Cup Mile winner DA HOSS.

Renato Gameiro
 beat me for Cara Rafaela in Keeneland.
This was a very good peak. Every now and them we are in opposite sides trying for good racing prospect.
Bob Hess Jr. - Top trainer in South California


Renato Gameiro is a man with an unbelievable depth of knowledge about pedigree and conformation when it comes to the thoroughbred racehorse. 
His experience in this industry is unmatched

Kenny McPeek - Trainer of Belmont Stakes winner SARAVA


I have never witnessed anyone trying to argue with Renato Gameiro on pedigrees.

His method is unique. Because he constantly works to update his knowledge he can afford to arrive to a sale

with a short list and concentrate on the individuals who meet his criterium based on genetics.

This knight of the bloodlines is getting closer to his next Grail everyday.

Dr. Jacques LevasseurCo-Breeder of Canadian champion filly SILKEN CAT


Renato Gameiro is the most integral expert on thoroughbreds I have met in my life.

Eduardo Gaviria Breeder of the Kentucky Derby winner REAL QUIET


Renato Gameiro is the complete agent who takes the guess work out of buying a horse.

David Schwartz Breeder of the Breeders Cup Distaff winner UNBRIDLED’S HELENE


Renato Gameiro has an unusually fine eye for a horse and an outstanding knowledge of international pedigrees.

It is this combination of talents that separates him from the flim-flam bumpkins

that masquerade as experts in the market.

Sid Fernando – Former Bloodstock Editor and columnist for DAILY RACING FORM


Renato’s understanding of performance is broadly international. He reads pedigree for inside.

Jeffry Morris Breeder of champion SILVERBULLETDAY


Renato Gameiro,  became the first Brazilian agent to be established in Kentucky,

 and since then has been very successful for his clients all over the world.

José Carlos Fragoso Pires, Jr.Breeder of champions RIBOLETTA & REDATTORE


Renato Gameiro,  is an extremely valuable resource of pedigree information and racing management,

founded on years of experience and huge personal success.

He knows his subject and knows how to use this knowledge and imparts his advice with clarity vigor.

What a team Renato and Cristina Gameiro!.

Pia & Michael Marenchick – Owners of ABIGAILTHEWIFE, CHAUSSON POIRE, etc.

Renato Gameiro think and work as a complete horseman. He knows his job.
Michael Albina - Manager of 
Buckram Oak and former trainer based in Newmarket of SILVER HAWK. 

When we really began to raise horses, we called Renato Gameiro. Our farm became one of the most respected in Brazil.

Renato turned that dream into reality and gave us the chance to bred Group 1 winners.

Ricardo G. Lowndes – Breeder of Grade 1 winners OMEGA BIRTH, CLAIR DE LUNE, etc.


Renato Gameiro bought me the best horse I ever owned.

Gonçalo Torrealba – owner of MUCH BETTER, CARA RAFAELA, FIRST AMERICAN, etc.


Cristina and Renato Gameiro are excellent people and really know the way.

Afonso C. Burlamaqui -  Breeder of Champion NOTTING HILL.


Renato Gameiro goes direct to the point.

He tells you the horse to buy without hesitation and always finds the best horse for your money.

Antônio C. Assumpção – Breeder of Champion ENERGIA SKY


Many are called and few are chosen! Renato Gameiro really knows the way!

Lawrence York – Thoroughbred owner in Kentucky


When I need help to buy a yearling, Renato Gameiro is the guy I always want to hang around.
He knowns pedigrees and he is a sharp horseman.
Fabio Nor - South California based trainer.


One time could be lucky.

Two times, however, coincidence.

But after that is because you know the way!


Renato Gameiro, President of Albatroz
Bloodstock, Inc
. is a frequent contributor
to The Daily Racing Form(USA),
Owner-Breeder(USA), Favorito(PER),
Puro Sangue Ingles(BRZ),
Sport of Kings(AUS),
Colombia Breeders(COL),
Palermo Blanca(ARG),
Jornal do Turfe(Brazil) and Revista
Jockey Club Brasileiro(BRZ).
He is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
and graduated from the University
of Barra do Pirai with a degree
in Architecture.
Renato Gameiro has a Masters' Degree in Urban Planning from the
Rapid  Transportation Public Department (RTPD) in Paris, France.
After graduation, he worked with the group which designed the subways
of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, supervised the group which created the
Master Plan of seven major cities in Brazil, and was part of the team
which designed the new International Airport of Galeao in Rio de Janeiro.
He personally designed the Urban Plan for three cities in Brazil as part of
the International Itaipu Hidroeletrica Project. He has resided in Lexington,
Kentucky since 1987.

Cristina Gameiro, Vice-President of
Albatroz Bloodstock, Inc. is a native
of Recife, Brazil, and graduated from the
University of Recife with a degree in
Architecture. She was part of the group
which designed major shopping malls in
numerous cities in Brazil, including
Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and
Belo Horizonte. She is also an official
photographer for many of the major races
in North America and Europe, including
the Kentucky Derby, Breeders' Cup,
Prix de l'Arc du Triomphe. She has
resided in Lexington, Kentucky since 1992.

The Thoroughbred marketplace is like a maze.
Many choices one makes
can be a wrong turn
ending with a finish
that is a dead-end of
time spent and money
lost. Not everyone is
adept in this
marketplace. Expertise
is needed to successfully
maneuver and finish.
When coming to this
area, you need proven professionals to carefully advise you when and
how to invest your money.We do not belong to the camp that merely
throws money at the market and pays to breed a champion to a
champion in hopes of making a champion. "
Cristina & Renato Gameiro


Let us buy you a good horse.

Great Spirits always encountered
violent opposition from mediocres

Albert Einstein



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