Reasons for the name.
“Why Albatroz and not Hyperion or Nearco?
Some people think that the name Albatross
means bad luck! A constant, worrisome burden!
An obstacle to success!”

Big Mistake!
"Albatroz (Albatrosses) are
mostly large birds
from the family of
Diomedeidae. They live on
the South Oceans. Often
follow ships at sea for good
luck, and can often glide for
hours over the open sea. Small body
for their big wings. This could
be the reason, they have difficult
to take off, but in the air, they can
cross oceans.This was our primary police. We knew it will
be very difficult for a Southern Bird to take off in a
competitive market like the Thoroughbred Market in the
heart of the Industry, Lexington, Kentucky. But we knew
as well, that in the air, we could fly forever and achieve
Cristina Gameiro

Reasons of this Page.
"Thoroughbreds are bred by
selection  based on, not through
breeding for purity, and in my
opinion performance and purity
are not achieved by the same
process. This page is to honor
to all breeders, owners and
professionals around the world
who also believe on this
concept and made this activity
alive for three centuries. It is
trough their efforts and vision
that we are able to enjoy today
the wonderful sport of
thoroughbredsThank for all them and god blessed these
great horsemen around the world.”
Renato Gameiro

  Roberto Seabra & Mme Volterra

 Marcel Boussac & Galcador

  The Queen & Carroza                                   Jim Joel & Henri Cecil




   Lord Derby & Hyperion
                            Lord Astor & Saucy Sue                           








“The study of mating mares and the consideration of their
blood lines is a fascinating occupation to which any desired
amount of time and thought may be given, and when it comes
to thrills there is none greater than seeing a youngster of
your own breeding flash past the post a winner in the
Futurity or other classic race."
John E. Madden (Owner & Breeder)

need three basic
Speed, Speed and
more Speed".
Sultan Mohamed Sha Aga Khan
& Blenheim

"Rhythm is everything. All nature has rhythm, where there
is rhythm there is order,
measure, harmony. Without
rhythm there is chaos, ruin
and catastrophe. Storms,
hurricanes, earthquakes,
these are the anti-rhythms
of the cosmos. Because,
from the atom to the star,
the life of  the universe is
based on speed extended in
time. Among living beings,
speed extended in time
means staying power.
All life is based on the
consumption of energy to gain supremacy and on rest to
restore that energy. In the rivalry for the selection of
racing stock, no thoroughbred  family can hold the
supremacy of success for more than a small number of
generations in direct line.Through successive generations
the degree of nervous energy and of selected quality can
only reach a certain limit. When this limit is reached
the bubble must burst."
Federico Tesio (Breeder, Owner & Trainer)





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